Phil Pustejovsky: Successful Real Estate Investor Teaches Others How to Do the Same

Phil Pustejovsky is the founder of Freedom Mentor, one of the leading real estate investing mentoring programs in the industry. A real estate investor, coach, author, and speaker, Pustejovsky has spent the last 10 years guiding people to financial freedom through the power of real estate. Recognized as one of the leading real estate investing experts in North America, Pustejovsky attributes his success to having a mentor and believes that every real estate entrepreneur can become financially free under the guidance of the right mentor.

Coming from very humble beginnings, Pustejovsky was once homeless and living out of his truck for a short period. With the help of his real estate coach, he was able to become an extremely successful real estate investor and move into a waterfront mansion in Florida. After attaining his success, Pustejovsky wanted to teach others how to make money in real estate. In return, his students would have to agree to split the profits from their first several deals 50/50, so that both mentor and mentee would have “skin in the game” and aligned interests. This is very uncommon in the world of real estate investing education, but it works. Some of Pustejovsky’s most successful mentees have even gone on to build coaching careers of their own.

Pustejovsky has formed a team of coaches and mentors whom he has personally trained and are some of the best in the business, allowing him to lead a larger group of people towards financial freedom. In addition, he has created a library of free online training resources to help people get a better understanding of real estate investing. Pustejovsky has the most viewed real estate investing channel on YouTube, and his mission is to provide the most complete, accurate, and unbiased real estate education materials, tools, and strategies available.

Signpost’s Stuart Wall Helps Local Businesses Grow

Stuart Wall is the founder and chief executive officer of Signpost, a smart local marketing platform that empowers local businesses to build lasting relationships with their customers. Signpost helps local entrepreneurs get more customers, reviews, and referrals automatically. Wall launched Signpost in 2010 and has since led the company from initial funding to the thriving business that it is today. As CEO, he oversees all aspects of product development, operations, and strategy.

Before founding Signpost, Wall worked at leading consulting firm Bain & Company, providing strategic advice to Fortune 500 companies and private equity firms. He graduated summa cum laude with honors from Miami University with a degree in finance as well as a double minor in French and entrepreneurship. He subsequently earned an MBA with distinction from the Harvard Business School.

In addition to heading Signpost, Wall writes about the local advertising space for VentureBeat, Business Insider, the Huffington Post, and CNBC.

Jonathan Carson, CEO of Charitable Commerce Platform BiddingForGood

Jonathan Carson is the chairman and chief executive officer of BiddingForGood, a charitable e-commerce company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Connecting hundreds of thousands of fundraisers, cause-conscious consumers, and socially responsible businesses, BiddingForGood has pioneered a new shopping category called Charitable Commerce. The company provides a unique online auction platform where non-profits, schools, shoppers, and businesses create exciting fundraising events and ultimately raise more money for important causes. Since its inception in 2003, BiddingForGood has run more than 21,000 charity auction events, sold over 1.5 million items to 450,000 cause-minded shoppers, and raised more than $255 million for schools and non-profits.

As chairman and CEO of BiddingForGood, Carson leads a management team of seasoned professionals dedicated to positioning non-profits for the greatest fundraising success possible. With over two decades of experience in building and scaling for-profit social enterprises, he has started four companies with more than $175 million of returns to investors. Other than brief stints at Boeing and McKinsey & Company, Carson has always worked on startups. His last company, Family Education Network (FEN) utilized a unique public/private partnership model to become the largest education website. More than 20 percent of all school districts in the US built their first website on the FEN platform.

Carson currently serves on the boards of Taunton Press, the Lewis Institute of Social Entrepreneurship at Babson College, and The Trinity Boston Foundation. In the past, he sat on the boards of Net-Impact, National PTA, The e-Philanthropy Foundation, National School Boards Foundation, and the Small Business Association of New England.

In 2008, Carson was among the first three individuals to be inducted into the Babson College Alumni Entrepreneur Hall of Fame. In 2009, he was a finalist for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award for the New England region. Carson is a participant in Renaissance Weekend, an invitation-only retreat that connects innovative leaders from diverse fields.

Amanda McClellan Helps Moms Make It Happen

Amanda McClellan is the founder of Moms Making It Happen, a business consultancy for women entrepreneurs with little ones. McClellan’s mission is to help mompreneurs create a passion-based business that inspires them, design a family and social life they love, and ultimately live the life of their dreams.

A former middle school history teacher, McClellan came across personal development and Internet marketing one winter day in 2008. Though skeptical at first, she quickly became hooked as she explored these foreign concepts. She spent thousands of hours in front of the computer and eventually became a master at the Internet marketing game. McClellan decided to pursue her entrepreneurial dreams and quit her teaching job after making an agreement with her husband that she would replace her old income within one year or go back to teaching.

In 2010, McClellan aligned herself with a network marketing company. Within 18 months, she was earning a 6-figure income. A successful businesswoman and a new mom, McClellan was making it happen and living the life. About a year and a half later, she had her second daughter, who was diagnosed with a rare genetic breathing disorder. McClellan describes this moment as her wake-up call – it was both the scariest situation and one of the greatest gifts of her life.

According to McClellan, entrepreneurship saved her family, because she never had to ask a boss for time off or wonder where the next paycheck was coming from. Her daughter’s condition was further confirmation that her passion and purpose in life is inspiring women to fight mediocrity by creating the life of their dreams. This difficult time led her to start Moms Making It Happen.

McClellan has built a successful passion-based business from home while raising a family and overcoming challenges, and she wants to help other women do the same. Through Moms Making It Happen, she shares her business and personal growth strategies and provides a supportive community for mompreneurs.

Antonia Childs: Human Trafficking Survivor Attains Sweet Success

Antonia “Neet” Childs is the founder of Neet’s Sweets, a baking and catering business based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Ever since she was a little girl, Childs dreamed of having her own bakery. When she was young, she would follow her Aunt Koona around in her kitchen and watch her make dishes that made everyone happy.

However, Childs’ dreams were crushed and her life took a turn for the worse when she fell victim to human trafficking. With the help of a friend, Childs was able to rebuild her life, starting with a cake decorating class. It wasn’t long before she turned her passion into a business and she launched Neet’s Sweets in 2008.

More than a baking and catering business, Neet’s Sweets is a movement to save other young women from commercial sexual exploitation and trafficking. Proceeds from Neet’s Sweets go towards counseling, housing referrals, and mentoring for women survivors. In addition, the company employs survivors of human trafficking to help them begin their journey to personal growth, empowerment, and success.

Brook Harvey Taylor Proves Natural Beauty Products Can Be Innovative and Effective

Brook Harvey Taylor is the founder of Pacifica, a sustainable and creative natural beauty brand that’s overcoming the common perception that natural products don’t provide great results. Pacifica’s makeup, skincare, and perfumes work as well or better than any non-natural line, and all products are made without animal ingredients and animal testing.

Taylor began concocting her own fragrances from essential oils in her teens after reading Jitterbug Perfume by Tom Robbins. While attending college in Eugene, Oregon, she began studying aromatherapy with an aromatherapist who taught her all about natural fragrances and later gave her her entire library.

Taylor came up with the idea for Pacifica with her husband during a long drive home from a surfing trip. From the beginning, she believed that if she invested in the quality of her products and the fragrance experience instead of marketing, then fans of Pacifica would spread the word. Taylor’s hunch was correct, and the brand gained a loyal following steadily. Today, Taylor is a recognized leader in the natural beauty industry for formulating safe and innovative products.

Rochelle Behrens Improves the Classic Button-Down Shirt

Rochelle Behrens is the creator of The Shirt, a women’s button-down shirt that fits properly and does not gape at the bust. A former lobbyist for a public affairs firm in Washington, DC, Behrens would always pin her button-down shirts from the inside to keep them from gaping at the chest. One morning before work, she was pinning her shirt and saw that it was hole-poked and wrinkled. Behrens had a flash of inspiration, and she designed a shirt with a hidden placket and buttons to prevent gaping and eliminate the need for safety pins.

In 2008, Behrens invested $50,000 of her own money to secure a patent for her No Gape design, have a prototype made, and produce a few hundred shirts. She then invited some of her friends to a trunk show at her apartment, and The Shirt ended up being featured on Politico, NPR, and The Today Show. In late 2010, Behrens was able to get her shirt into the hands of the staff at the Oprah Winfrey Show. They called her back within 24 hours, saying they wanted to include her product on the show. In January, The Shirt was featured as a fashion must-have for 2011.

The Shirt, which started out with one product and one employee (Behrens), has expanded dramatically since its inception. Behrens has added more fits and designs, all of which have the No Gape button technology seamlessly designed into the garment. The Shirt is sold online and at boutiques and department stores across America, including Fred Segal, Bloomingdale’s, Von Maur, National Jean Company, Beyond Cotton, Sherman Pickey, and Cooper Penny.

Behrens remains involved in every aspect of the design process to ensure that the shirts fit perfectly and are made from high-quality fabrics. She loves creating products that help women look chic and confident.

Otis Chandler Helps Book Lovers Find Their Next Favorite Read

Otis Chandler is the founder and chief executive officer of Goodreads, a free website for book lovers. Launched in early 2007, Goodreads exists to help people find and share books they love.

Chandler first discovered the joy of reading when he was in second grade. Since coming across the Hardy Boys series, he has been hooked on reading and has been doing so for both fun and education. Always on the lookout for the next great book to read, Chandler was scanning a friend’s bookshelf for ideas one day when it hit him – when looking for books to read, he would rather turn to a friend than a random person or a bestseller list.

That was when Chandler decided to build a website where he could see all of his friends’ bookshelves and find out what they thought about their books. He and his wife, Elizabeth, created the site in his living room, motivated by the belief that there was a better way to discover and discuss good books and that they could build it.

Today, Goodreads is the world’s largest site for readers and book recommendations, with 30 million members, 900 million books, and 34 million reviews. Goodreads is the place where you can see what your friends are reading and vice versa. You can create “bookshelves” for books that you’re reading, have read, and want to read. When you’re not sure what to read next, the site will give insightful recommendations based on what you have enjoyed in the past.

A software engineer at heart, Chandler loves working on Goodreads to make it the best product possible. With Goodreads, he is able to combine two of his passions: reading and building websites. Prior to Goodreads, he was a software engineer and product manager at Chandler earned a degree in mechanical engineering from Stanford University.

Esther Weisman Blings Scrubs and More to Life

Esther Weisman is the founder and CEO of Sparkly Scrubs & More, a Columbus, Ohio-based company offering rhinestone scrubs, T-shirts, cheerleading uniforms, spiritwear, undies, and accessories.

Sparkly Scrubs & More started out turning scrubs from drab to fab. Having worked in the medical field for nearly eight years, Weisman has visited several offices around the country and always heard professionals complaining about their scrubs and wishing for more fashionable apparel. She founded Sparkly Scrubs & More to help those in the medical and dental fields look and feel great. The company offers great-fitting, cute scrubs in a wide variety of colors and sizes.

Sparkly Scrubs & More has since expanded its product offering. Today, the company also makes sparkly T-shirts, loungewear, skivvies, baby clothes, cheerwear, school shirts, and more. Additionally, Sparkly Scrubs & More accepts custom design requests and can “bling anything,” including football helmets, baby wipe cases, hangers, bags, and car stickers.

George Page Brings Clean Water to Those Who Need Them Most

George Page is the founder and CEO of Portapure, a Chicago-based company that empowers people to save their own lives through its portable water filtration device. Page has 10 years of experience in water filtration, having run two of the world’s largest water treatment facilities in Chicago. He founded Portapure after Haiti was struck by an earthquake in January 2010, leaving Haitians to rely on water purification tablets. Without a container, spoon, and cloth to filter off sediment, however, it was impossible to use the tablets. Page’s research into a more effective way of making dirty water from a lake or stream potable began the day after the earthquake.

The result is PureLives, a portable 5-gallon water filtration device that requires no chemicals and removes 99.99 percent of sediment, bacteria, and viruses, including cholera, E. coli, salmonella, typhoid, amoebic dysentery, and more. PureLives enables households to provide clean water for their families and run clean water micro-businesses.