A Bad Economy Warrants Creativity

IT Consultant Traci S. Campbell understood the benefits of entrepreneurship early in life.  A native of Baltimore’s west side, her struggling single mother was the one who prodded Traci to do well in school and to take advantage of scholarships in order to earn a Computer Science degree at the University of Maryland.   Traci delayed her graduation to take advantage of an internship at Johns Hopkins Hospital which parlayed directly into an immediate career with an IT Consulting Company.

“Even though I worked for a firm,” explained Traci, “they gave us a creative license to function as entrepreneurs.”  The on-the-job training and significant income were invaluable as these allowed Traci to be a devoted care-giver for her mother who suffered from congestive heart failure. The next ten years were very challenging as she balanced caring for her mother and building her own IT consulting business.

Spending an incredible amount of time with her mother until she passed away, Traci gained insight into what made her mother sick.  She realized her mother’s anger, depression and abandonment issues may have played a great deal in her own relationship idiosyncrasies and dissatisfaction in life.  Moreover, Traci realized that her mother’s story was not unique; that it may be an epidemic with other people who were raised in single family households.  She told her story to her friend and marketing consultant, Parish Blair of Mindful Living Media. Consequently, Parish proved instrumental in what was to come next.

Traci’s passion to get the word out and to help others began with obtaining her Life and Business Coaching certification in 2003, and her radio show “Heroes at Home,” where she discusses single-parent concerns.  She put her story in black and white; hence, the book “The C.H.A.M.P Within” was born. The acronym is two-fold representing C.hildren H.aving a M.issing P.arent as the target audience for she feels that it is so important to instill C.haracter, H.appiness, A.ttitude, M.entality and P.urpose. Moreover, she developed a corresponding workbook designed to implement the program through her non-profit organization the Champ Community Project and brings the workshop to adults and teens as well as other supporting organizations around the US.

As if this isn’t enough, Traci and Parish are teaming up once again in launching a new “Beauty In, Beauty Out Tour” wherein local salons in select cities host Traci and her team in an event filled with not only the outer beauty tips and tricks, but by empowering words and advice on how to increase your overall happiness and propel yourself to a higher level in life.

When asked why Traci thinks it’s a good climate for start-ups right now, she replied, “A bad economy warrants creativity.  I work with clients every day in my consulting business that are victims of corporate downsizing.  Today we have to be more innovative than our parents who relied on the stability of their jobs for thirty years. The best time to launch an idea is now.  Do the hard work, build the engine and get the idea out there so you’ll have a finely tuned machine when the market is thriving.”


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