Alexa Andrzejewski: Building Success One Bite at a Time

There are a few things that Alexa Andrzejewski knows and a few things that she loves. Two of these things are traveling and eating. It was her travels to Japan that inspired the San Francisco resident to create a field guide to the world’s foods. To do this, in 2009, Andrzejewski, Soraya Darabi and Ted Grubb created Foodspotting, a website that is said to be the easiest way to find and share the foods that we love. Foodspotting goes deeper than ordinary reviewing sites, by allowing users to review and recommend not only but more specifically individual foods and dishes.

This unique, focused focus helps users of the site decide more than just where to eat, but rather what to eat when you are there. Another unique take on the restaurant reviewing niche is Foodspotting’s use of photos and a simple and concise rating system. If you are a lover of food writing, this is not the site for you; but if you want to know what dishes can be found where, this is your kind of service.

A visitor to Foodspotting can search by location, restaurant, or dish. It contains information on dishes throughout the world and has applications for Microsoft Windows, the iPhone, Android devices, Blackberry operating systems and desktop computers.

In its two years of existence, Foodspotting has grown a healthy following and has been featured in TIME Magazine, Life Hacker, TechCrunch, Mashable, the Wall Street Journal, and Travel and Leisure.

To learn more about Alexa Andrzejewski and Foodspotting, visit:


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