Gianna Driver: Creating Jobs for Women throughout the Developing World

Gianna Driver founded Gianna Fair Trade in 2005 to build a business with which she could support herself; provide customers in the developed world well-made accessories and home goods; and, closest to Driver’s heart, provide employment for women from impoverished areas throughout the world.

This last motivation is so important to her since she grew up  watching her own mother, a Filipino mail-order bride, suffer due to poverty and lack of opportunity. “I looked around and saw all of this pain and unhappiness and I knew my mom didn’t want me to have this life,” said Driver in this article.

Over all, Driver has given employment to over 200 women and currently has about 60 working for her in the Philippines, India, Laos and Thailand. Receiving from 25 to 58 per cent of the retail price of what they produce, the women make good money. In fact, in many cases they make from two to three times the local minimum wage. The jobs are so popular that Driver has a waiting list of those who would like to join her team of workers.

A visit to the Gianna Fair Trade website gives shopper the opportunity to learn about some of the people producing the goods the visitor may buy. The products run from less than $50 to more than $200 and a shopper can browse items by price, origin or category such as scarves and shawls, home accents, bedroom, living room, and gifts.

Though thus far Gianna Fair Trade has not yet broken the $1 million barrier in annual sales, it has met the goals as set forth initially by Driver.

To learn more about Gianna Driver and Gianna Fair Trade, visit:


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