Paul Buchheit

The man behind the creation of two of the best Google products, Paul Buchheit, may be a relative unknown outside the tech industry, but there is no doubting his genius when it comes to creating successful new concepts. Paul Buchheit is the person behind Gmail and Google Adsense – two tools that have significantly improved the lives of internet users.

Aside from having a creative mind, Buchheit is also one of the best programmers out there. He created the prototype of Google Adsense in one day. While he may be credited for making Gmail and Adsense, the brand he is most associated with is FriendFeed. It is a company he founded to take real-time communication to the next level.

According to Buchheit, FriendFeed will “become a major new communication medium on the same level as email, IM, and blogging.” Though ambitious, he certainly has the expertise and credentials to make it happen. FriendFeed combines the functions of aggregators and publishing tools with real time conversations.

The system retrieves information from the user’s social networks. For example, if you are an active Facebook and Twitter user, FriendFeed will allow your friends within those networks to view your activities on these social sites. There’s a long list of networks from which FriendFeed can retrieve data. Your YouTube favorites and social bookmarks can also be shared with friends.

While there may be a lot of users who may be uncomfortable with this level of sharing, there are a number of techies and extroverts who openly embrace it. FriendFeed was acquired by Facebook, and Paul Buchheit has since joined Y Combinator, a hybrid business school and venture capital firm.


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