Think Like an Entrepreneur

An entrepreneur and business leader, Danny Shabat retains over 30 years of professional experience acting within a variety of roles, which now contribute to his overall expertise. Danny Shabat operates several businesses in the Chicago, Illinois region. Focusing on the health care industry as well as various philanthropic efforts, Mr. Shabat provides invaluable insight to clients, and associates.

For some people, the allure of entrepreneurship can seem distant and unattainable; however, every individual retains the capacity for entrepreneurial success. With the right mind-set and a good idea, such a possibility is that much closer. The following information outlines a handful of helpful tips to assist you in developing an entrepreneurial mindset that can help lead to the type of success that Shabat has enjoyed.

  1. Make a point of creating both long and short-term goals. While these goals should be realistic, they should also allow for major headway and accomplishment. Don’t sell yourself or your ideas short.
  2. See opportunity in problems.
  3. Don’t admit defeat in the face of small setbacks. Entrepreneurs find success in pushing past hurdles and finding innovative and creative solutions.
  4. Embrace change. Chances are your initial idea will change over time.
  5. Be open to new ideas and creativity. Very often, one good idea leads to the other, although always keep your goals in mind.
  6. Take on an optimistic “can do” approach, rather than a defeatist stance. This will help you to surpass your boundaries and achieve the unexpected.
  7. Operate as a self-starter, willing to do anything to get the job done.
  8. Be willing to take risks. Being an entrepreneur is all about taking risks and being willing to work with your decisions.
  9. Don’t reject outside opinion or insight. Always be willing to accept advice and analyze accordingly.

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