Business Leadership Profile: Ashok Bagdy

Through effective management and entrepreneurial insight, business development expert Ashok Bagdy has earned a reputation as a successful leader in the field of international business relationships between India and the United States. In his current position as Vice President of Outsourcing Services for the U.S. office of Cameo Corporate Services Limited in Tampa, Florida, Mr. Bagdy manages a team of over 350 people while handling a number of other essential operations. As with many similar leadership roles, this position comes with full profit and loss responsibility, meaning the stakes are high. A comprehensive understanding of risk, as well as the ability to navigate through it, is almost mandatory.

Even within a corporate environment, it often pays to acquire managers with a well-rounded background clearly indicative of strong leadership abilities. Ashok Bagdy’s career began by utilizing his entrepreneurial sensibilities as the Principal of the Bagdy Group, a mineral mining conglomerate. In addition to achieving significant increases in annual profitability, he established valuable business networks in China.

The ability to create and maintain lasting relationships within business is a primary attribute of a successful leader. In order to manage the interests of a growing company, it is vital for a leader to understand and oversee the delicate ecosystem of corporate networking. A well-groomed business contact can provide growth opportunities that might otherwise go unnoticed. Ashok Bagdy exemplifies a leader with this type of skill and understanding.

With a career that has spanned several businesses and industries, Ashok Bagdy has consistently shown an aptitude for resource management within his myriad roles. Whether managing data, a core component of nearly all businesses, or leading employees, arguably the most valuable business resource, one cannot underestimate the ripple effect and forward momentum a qualified leader can bring.


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