In Edison’s Mold: Steve Teig

Steve Teig is not as well known as Thomas Edison, but just like Edison, he has a knack for inventions. He is the founder, president, and Chief Technology Officer of Tabula, a company started in 2003 and located in Santa Clara, California. Tabula is a fables semiconductor company.

Teig was recently awarded the prestigious World Technology Network IT hardware innovation award for 2011. This award recognizes his visionary working in creating the Spacetime 3D programmable logic architecture. For a layman (like myself) you may be wondering what that’s all about. Teig’s work is considered a major breakthrough and is predicted to change the world of computing.

As explained by Teig, to get more out of computer chips, most makers employ layering (or gluing chips together) with each layer being a fixed circuitry set-up and performing specific tasks. With his invention the device can change its configuration and performance based on the need. At present, one layer of his device can perform the task of eight layers of other devices.

Companies like Tabula have a history of not being very successful because what they make is radically different from current models and may not be appreciated or fully understood. Teig wants to “hide the revolution” by offering solutions that can be used in similar manner to what end-users are currently using, but are technological more superior.

Prior to founding Tabula, Steve Teig was already well-known in his industry for his innovations. In fact, in 2002 he broke Thomas Edison’s record for submitting the most number of patent applications by an individual in a single year.

We’ll probably be hearing more of Steve Teig in the near future.


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