The Most Popular Mommy Blogger, Heather Armstrong

Forbes declared her the 26th most influential women in media, just one slot lower than Tina Brown. She is also a mother, a popular blogger, and entrepreneur. Heather Armstrong became a popular figure in the society because of her penchant for unselfconscious blogging on her site, She writes controversial and often incriminating posts; as a result, Heather Armstrong became an accidental tech entrepreneur who successfully turned her hobby into a livelihood.

Although Armstrong would not reveal her earnings, it is estimated that her site brings her about $30,000 to $50,000 per month. She also has deals to promote other companies, such as Verizon, through her blogs. Professional bloggers with her following can earn as much as $1 million, according to a sales rep from Federated Media, the agency that sells ads for Dooce.

How did Armstrong start her career as fulltime blogger? She started back in 2001 when she wrote her first post on Dooce, which contained sensitive and personal subject matter. She mostly shares private stories about her religion, family, work life, and co-workers – which ultimately became the reason why she lost her job.

In 2004, as the number of her followers increased, Armstrong started running text ads to her site, soon followed by banner ads. She made a public statement a year later that her revenue from became substantial enough to raise her growing family. With her often controversial topics and entertaining writing style, the queen of mommy bloggers became one of the most lucrative professional bloggers today.

Armstrong and her husband now have their own company called Armstrong Media LLC. Meanwhile, remains one of the top 50 most popular online blogs, according to Technorati.  Although she did not invent a new product or service unlike other tech entrepreneurs, she used technology to affect many people and while making a living at the same time.


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