Marco Giannini Serves Healthy Treats for Dogs

Some entrepreneurs enter businesses that are traditional, common, and more likely to show returns. Others, however, dare to enter into ventures where there are more risks of failure. Such an entrepreneur is Marco Giannini, who made millions of dollars selling dog treats.

Giannini got the idea of creating his own brand of dog food as a child. His pet dog suffered from hip dysphasia and always had to take medicine — but most of the time refused to drink them. As he thought of new ways to get his dog to take medication, the idea of Dogswell was born.

Not new to business, Giannini had already experienced failure with his first business, a beverage company that took advantage of consumer desire for functional beverages. Instead of dwelling on failure, he decided to pursue another arena, this time getting inspiration from his childhood.  He studied how supplements in dog treats might help dogs respond well to medicine. With the help of a manufacturer, Giannini introduced his first product — Happy Hips — and sold it in little bags out of his car. Before long, he caught the attention of pet store owners, thus increasing the demand.

Seven years later, Dogswell’s products are sold in over seven thousand pet stores and natural food stores across America. Giannini also works with forty-five pet distributors and gives away over one hundred thousand samples a month to help market his line of organic dog treats and food. He is proud of the fact that all of Dogswell’s products promote the health of pets. His employees also act as consultants, helping pet owners understand the needs of their canine companions.

Because of his innovation and direction, Giannini was awarded the Best Business Plan Award and the Marcia Israel Curley Award for excellence in entrepreneurship. His excellent entrepreneurial skills enabled him to touch the lives not only of pets, but owners as well.


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