The Sweet (Moon)Fruit of Success

Anyone who hasn’t heard or read about Moonfruit‘s history would never have imagined that just a little over a decade ago, the London-based web building company was about to go under. In fact, things were so bad that founder and CEO Wendy Tan White even fired her future husband Joe to cut corners. Like many others in the technology industry, Moonfruit had been adversely affected by the dot com crash.

To save Moonfruit, White reduced her staff from 60 to 2. She did some major bootstrapping for the next two years, and began charging for the site’s services, which had been free up until that point. Even then, customer satisfaction remained the organization’s top priority.

White believes that Moonfruit’s customers and investors are what helped bring back the company. According to her, the former kept the business going by paying for its services, while the latter allowed them to retrieve their assets at a lower price.

Things are very different for Moonfruit today. The company, which lets users create professional-looking websites using simple drag-and-drop technology, now has more than 4.5 million sites under its belt.


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