Designer Handbags That Are Kind to Animals and Nature

Like most women, Susan Nichole Onofrey loves fashion accessories, from shoes to jewelry to handbags. And she loved designing them, too. As a young girl, she drew shoe patterns. During her teenage years, she reconstructed old jewelry to create new pieces. Over time, she became most interested in handbags and would often shop for new ones.

There was one problem, though. Onofrey was constantly frustrated with the lack of animal-friendly, designer quality choices. An animal lover and vegetarian, she wanted to carry bags that were in line with her principles. So in 2004, she launched her own company, Susan Nichole Handbags. Since then, Onofrey’s products, all of which are made from 100 percent recyclable, vegan materials, have become popular among vegetarian circles and socially conscious women.

A regular on the social media websites Facebook and Twitter, Onofrey uses these platforms to post photos and request feedback from her fans and followers during the design and product selection processes. Additionally, her company hosts an online “Purse Party” every Thursday night, in which fans are drawn at random to receive free Susan Nichole bags.


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