Corporate Profile – Charlie Ditkoff

A highly experienced investment banking specialist with a solid foundation in corporate finance law, Charlie Ditkoff stands apart as one of the top performers in his field, a distinction he earned thanks to his comprehensive knowledge base, multifaceted skill set, and strong work ethic. Mr. After earning a Juris Doctor from Yale Law School, Charlie Ditkoff spent five years working for Cravath, Swaine & Moore LLP at the firm’s office in New York City. He left the esteemed law firm to pursue an opportunity at Credit Suisse, where he served as Vice President for two years. Investment giant Morgan Stanley then recruited Mr. Ditkoff to head its Corporate Finance Group in 1994, a challenge he met with enthusiasm. During his time at Morgan Stanley, Charlie Ditkoff focused his energy on acquiring and managing a lucrative investment portfolio of health care companies.

Since 1999, Charlie Ditkoff has applied his talents in various executive positions at Bank of America Merrill Lynch (BAML), a world leader in health care sector investments and acquisitions. Mr. Ditkoff began his tenure at BAML overseeing the institution’s fiscal coverage program for health care providers and distributors as Managing Director. In 2003, BAML tapped Mr. Ditkoff for a major promotion, appointing him as Vice Chairman of Global Corporate and Investment Banking. Already well known in Wall Street’s upper echelons prior to his recent achievements, Charles Ditkoff has become a sought-after lecturer due to his career background and knowledge of the state of the global economy. Serving as a keynote speaker at numerous financial industry conferences and summits, Mr. Ditkoff has shared his expertise on a wide range of pertinent issues, including emerging market trends and future projections for private equity-backed IPO investing.

A longtime resident of Scarsdale, New York, Charlie Ditkoff is a family man who appreciates the simple things in life. A voracious reader and music connoisseur, he also enjoys golf, tennis, and rooting for the New York Knicks.



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