Small Gardens Attract Big Following

When childhood friends Katy Maslow and Michelle Inciarrano were reconnected by a mutual acquaintance, they started meeting up regularly for craft nights. One day, Inciarrano suggested they try making terrariums, and although Maslow “had not thought of terrariums once in my whole life”, the pair had soon created more than a handful in less than a year. So much so, that they decided to sell their lilliputian landscapes in 2010.

Maslow and Inciarrano have since turned their hobby into a business. Their store/studio, Twig Terrariums, offers ready-made and custom terrariums and DIY terrarium kits. They also conduct how-to workshops in their Brooklyn location, as well as host terrarium-making events in client locations.

Twig Terrariums have all the elements one would expect to find in a miniature garden – you know, soil, plants, and rocks. But Maslow and Inciarrano’s creations feature something else. Upon closer inspection, one would see little deer gazing out over the horizon, a tiny painter putting paint to canvas, or a small newlywed couple happily marching off into their future together. Each Twig Terrarium has a theme, and some of them portray quirky, humorous scenes, like a yogi doing a headstand while reading a book and a woman flashing passersby.

When asked what they liked the most about building their little green worlds, Maslow says that the activity is fun and very therapeutic. In addition, the ladies find that terrarium-making satisfies their inclination for both crafts and fine art.

Though Inciarrano and Maslow have never advertised Twig Terrariums, their venture has grown quickly thanks to word-of-mouth and press coverage (New York Magazine, Every Day With Rachael Ray, Real Simple, and more). Profits have quadrupled during the first year of business, and their diminutive greenhouses are now sold in local retail stores, through the Toledo Museum of Art, and online.


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