Meridith Baer, Accidental Interior Designer

Meridith Baer wasn’t really looking to get into the home staging and interior design business. But a single event during the 1990s would change all that. When she was told to vacate the Los Angeles property she was leasing at that time, Baer became faced with the challenge of finding space for her 250 potted plants. She eventually placed them (in an artistic manner) in a house a friend was selling. Her furniture followed, and the house soon sold afterwards.

With her services in demand, Baer started Meridith Baer Home in 1998. The company, which now has about 100 employees, offers home and event staging, furniture leasing, and interior design services. Clients include billionaires and celebrities.

According to Baer, “I was in the right place at the right time and just ran with the ball.” Luck, however, was just a starting point. She says her company became what it is today because she took risks, cared about quality, and worked hard.


2 thoughts on “Meridith Baer, Accidental Interior Designer

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  2. It’s very inspiring to read your story knowing that luck does have something to do with success. But taking risks and making big defining business decisions is really where it’s at. Congratulations on your success!
    Tara Rex

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