Tara Rex, Creative Entrepreneur

Tara Rex has always been creative. She loved making things for her friends and family, and even received several scholarship offers from art schools. To her family’s surprise, she chose to become an ER nurse instead. Later on, Rex got married and became a stay-at-home mom after she had her two boys. Still, she wanted to earn an income while she took care of her kids, so decided to turn her hobby into a business.

That was over two years ago, and since then, Rex has been crafting wallets, tablet covers, iPhone cozies, and other accessories out of her Denver, Colorado home. She sells her handmade products on her Etsy store, Taradara, which has been featured by FOX Business.

Rex may not have much time or resources to advertise her business, but she does promote it on social media and her blog. “I’m a huge networker,” she says. She also showcases other Etsy sellers on her blog regularly, without asking for anything in return.

Recently, though, Rex’s goodwill paid off big time when her iPhone covers were included in the 2012 Golden Globe swag bags. It all started when she featured a seller who was doing a project for the Academy Awards. She asked about it, and learned that the seller was part of The Artisan Group, a group that represents artists and crafters at Hollywood gift lounges. Rex applied to join the collective, was accepted, and got her iPhone covers into the Golden Globe goodie bags.

According to her, entrepreneurs shouldn’t be jealous or intimidated by other people’s success. “You have to go for it. Just ask – you have nothing to lose.”

What’s next for Rex and Taradara? She plans to go beyond online selling and into offline retail. In fact, a deal for an exclusive line for certain Beverly Hills shops is currently in the works.


One thought on “Tara Rex, Creative Entrepreneur

  1. Thank you so much for the feature! It is truly appreciated and I look forward to conversing with your readers if they have any questions or comments.
    It’s a great day!!!
    xo Tara

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