Myron Cherry’s Professional Focus on Class Action Litigation

A veteran Chicago attorney, Myron Cherry serves as founder and Managing Partner of trial-focused Myron M. Cherry & Associates, LLC. Over the past decade Mr. Cherry’s firm has achieved a number of major settlements, including the the $26 million Ventas v. Sullivan & Cromwell (2006) settlement nearly $50 million Mansfield v. Air Line Pilots Association International (ALPA) decision.

In Mansfield v. ALPA, Mr. Cherry represented a group of more than 2,000 United Airlines pilots as class counsel. The pilots were dissatisfied with pension-benefit distribution agreements negotiated by ALPA in the wake of the airline’s Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Myron Cherry notably achieved victory against a union side represented by a major New York law firm. They overcame a motion filed by ALPA for summary judgement, also defeating a September, 2009, motion for reconsideration. In January, 2010, the appeals period lapsed and a $44 million settlement was formally announced. One of the largest awards ever in a fair representation matter, the United Airlines pilot’s case is seen by analysts as precedent setting.

Myron Cherry was featured in Illinois Super Lawyers Magazine in 2005 as a seminal figure in 1970s efforts to slow the pace of new nuclear facility construction. He has also been involved in high profile environmental cases, including one that preserved a critical Illinois wetlands area from becoming a major landfill. In addition to his law practice responsibilities, Mr. Cherry serves as Adjunct Professor of Trial Practice for Northwestern University Law School. He is also active politically, having served as Co-Chairman of the Democratic Business Council of the Democratic National Committee.


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