The Young Trainer Who Is Helping Moms Get Fit

Madison, Wisconsin-based personal trainer Dustin Maher isn’t a mom (obviously!), but he has made a commitment to helping mothers get in shape. The 28-year-old was inspired by his own mother, who stayed at home to take care of him and his siblings and taught him the importance of good nutrition, to start his growing fitness empire. Like many women, Maher’s mom was mostly focused on taking care of her children, leaving little time for herself.

After completing his degree in Kinesiology Exercise Science at the University of Wisconsin in 2006, Maher created his MamaTone Fitness class. His mission for MamaTone was to show moms that they could still have a great body after kids, as well as provide a space where health conscious women could connect with one another. Maher offered the first week for free, but soon enough, he had attracted paying clients.

Fit Fun Bootcamps followed MamaTone. With 11 locations, it is one of the biggest bootcamp programs in the United States. The popularity of Fit Fun Bootcamps led to calls and emails from moms around the world, asking Maher to train them. In response to these requests, Maher released several DVD programs, including BabyTone, Got Core, and Buns Guns Back and Shoulders. Last year, his first book, Fit Moms for Life: How to Have Endless Energy to Outplay your Kids, was published.

According to Maher, he has since trained 5,000 clients through his bootcamps and DVDs. His plan is to take the Fit Moms for Life brand to the national level and reach one million mothers by the end of 2015. A self-described “big goal setter,” Maher is confident he can achieve his dream.

Dubbed “America’s Trainer to Moms,” Maher has been featured on TV and radio, as well as in magazines and newspapers. Recently, he appeared on the cover of Personal Fitness Profession as a top personal trainer.


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