Justin’s Nut Butter Expands Through Innovation

A cycling enthusiast, Justin Gold relied on his homemade almond butter to give him the protein he needed for long bike rides. In 2002, he turned his concoction into a business by starting Justin’s Nut Butter. During the day, he worked at outdoor gear retailer REI. At night, he would drive an hour to a commercial kitchen in Denver to whip up his peanut and almond butters, which he delivered on weekends.

At first, Gold’s products only came in jars. In 2006, he got the idea to put his nut butters in squeeze packs. “For the consumer who never tried almond butter before, they could try it for 99 cents. And then they would come back and buy a $10 jar. They ended up spending more money,” says Gold.

Recently, Justin’s added peanut butter cups to its product range. The candy, which trade magazine Progressive Grocer named one of the best rollouts of 2011, along with the squeeze packs, have allowed Gold’s company to enter other markets such as airports.


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