Ampush Social’s Jesse Pujji on Doing More and Analyzing Less

When online marketing company Ampush Social was founded in 2011, it had only three employees. Today, the startup employs 30 people and helps major brands such as Samsung, Walgreens, and Reckitt Benckiser optimize their Facebook advertising campaigns. According to president and co-founder Jesse Pujji, bootstrapping the venture has been both challenging and rewarding. When asked about the reasons behind Ampush Social’s success, Pujji explains that he and his team followed one guideline, that is, to do more and think less.

“You don’t know anything until you’ve actually done it,” he says. “Only after doing do you get the actual data you need to understand your business.”

Pujji also warns against indecision and inaction, which has cost his company potential hires and clients in the past. His advice to new entrepreneurs is to avoid stagnation and to keep going. “A good decision far outweighs the best decision if it can happen in half the time. Even a bad decision can be better than no decision!”


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