The Mom Who Invented the Spill-Proof Snack-Trap

Like all moms with young children, Christine Moss had to deal with spilled snacks on the floor. She wondered why there wasn’t a spill-proof snack cup on the market, when it couldn’t be that hard to create one. Thus, armed with heavy vinyl, a hot glue gun, and a regular cup, Moss made the first prototype for her product, the Snack-Trap.

Following a successful test at a daycare center, Moss launched her company, MossWorld Enterprises, Inc. in 2003. The tip-resistant, handled Snack-Trap features a patent-pending lid with slits, letting little hands reach in for a bite while keeping food in at the same time. The product has won the National Parenting Center’s 2003 Seal of Approval. Available in retailers across North America and around the world, the Snack-Trap sold almost a million units in 2010.

Moss has since introduced other products designed to help parents meet the challenges of raising and traveling with tots, including no-spill bottle caps, tethers, and Snack-Trap accessories.


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