ZocDoc, a Startup Inspired by an Injury

After Cyrus Massoumi ruptured his eardrum on a flight and couldn’t find a doctor for four painful days, he was convinced that there had to be a better approach to healthcare. Thus, in 2007, he founded ZocDoc, along with colleagues Oliver Kharraz and Nick Ganju.

Massoumi’s creation is a free service that lets people find doctors and make appointments online. Users can search for doctors by specialty, insurance, or city. Getting doctors to sign on wasn’t easy at first, though, and Massoumi got kicked out of offices several times. He kept calling, however, and eventually won them over.

ZocDoc isn’t available nationwide yet, but it is slowly expanding. Just this year, it began serving Seattle, San Diego, Austin, Detroit, Tampa Bay, and Denver. Today, over 1.2 million people use the website to find a doctor every month. Furthermore, Crain’s New York Business has named ZocDoc one of the Best Places to Work in NYC for two years in a row.


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