Inalink: Pioneering New Horizons in Member Relations Marketing

A professional association is nothing without its members. Established with this simple yet vital notion in mind, Inalink partners with organizations to strengthen networks across a variety of platforms by creating a foundation for members to connect and engage with one another in a meaningful fashion. Building relationships one person at a time, Inalink offers a full suite of services that rely on real conversation to engage member interest. Setting itself apart from the competition with a unique and proven approach that optimally leverages an association’s best qualities, Inalink gathers valuable data directly from the individuals who have chosen to join a group and subsequently translates this information into brand-bolstering strategies with the potential to boost conference participation, steer additional traffic to association websites, and much more.

People who maintain ties with any professional organization understandably expect a worthwhile return on their investment of time and money. The primary challenges faced by an association operating in today’s unpredictable economic environment stem from addressing the needs of its members despite dwindling promotional and marketing resources. Inalink ensures that organizations meet and exceed constituent expectations by systematically confronting vulnerabilities in retention and renewal programs. The firm accomplishes this task by implementing personal consultations with members via telephone, unscripted discussions that produce positive results in both short and long-term scenarios.

In conjunction with the firm’s proprietary Member Welcome and Keep-In-Touch programs, initiatives designed to supplement direct mail and email campaigns already in effect, Inalink specializes event development planning for conferences and educational symposiums, also formulating time-sensitive assessments of member experiences at these gatherings. Extending advisory support for soon to be launched or ongoing promotions as well, Inalink looks forward to a bright future thanks to its satisfied and continually flourishing client base.


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