Lumitec Lighting: More Than Just LED Lights

In 2007, Stanford alum John Kujawa founded Lumitec Lighting, a Delray Beach, Florida-based engineering and design firm that specializes in conceptualizing, developing, and manufacturing LED lighting for the marine industry. Kujawa established the company after moving back to Delray Beach from Silicon Valley, where he spent several years working in tech. Given his professional engineering background and long-time love of being on the water, starting a business that revolved around the two was a natural choice for him.

A member of the National Marine Manufacturers Association and the National Marine Electronics Association, Lumitec quickly became a leading name in high quality marine LED lighting after its inception. Today, its products are used by over a hundred boat builders around the world, including Intrepid, Chris Craft, Midnight Express, Dusky Marine, and EdgeWater; as well as the United States Coast Guard, Special Forces, and Department of Homeland Security.

“I saw an opportunity – but not the opportunity just to sell a bunch of LED lights,” says Kujawa. “Rather, the opportunity to build a company that would be far better equipped to win in this space.” Unlike most of his competitors, who regarded LED lights as merely lighting devices, he saw them as electronic devices instead.

Kujawa adds that Lumitec is always innovating to differentiate itself from the rest of the industry. Because the company has its own mechanical, optical, electrical, and prototyping labs on site, Kujawa and his team can quickly and easily test new ideas and bring them to life. Creating a fun work environment is important, too. “We make happiness an objective, starting at the top.”

Since its launch in 2007, Lumitec has had an annual growth rate of 120 percent. Kujawa attributes the company’s success to focus, hard work, and its employees. “We’ve been fortunate to have been able to build a great team of people who, without exception, are genuinely interested in pleasing the customer,” he says. “They work hard to that end.”


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