Seth Haber, Outdoor Enthusiast and Entrepreneur

Seth Haber loved the outdoors but didn’t like resting in a tent and sleeping pad. He found the setup uncomfortable, so he decided to come up with a better solution. Haber subsequently started Trek Light Gear and launched a line of hammocks that are constructed from durable parachute nylon. Unlike conventional tents, Haber’s hammocks are lightweight and portable and leave plants and the ground intact.

Once he had achieved the perfect design, Haber traveled all around Colorado to sell his hammocks at festivals and shows. Later, he left his job at a medical company to focus on his business full-time.

As Trek Light evolved, Haber introduced more sustainable practices into the company. Trek Light now plants a tree for every hammock sold, and according to Haber, they’ve already planted thousands. In addition, the company has begun selling Eco Totes, which are reusable bags made from leftover hammock material. Haber plans to support more charitable causes in conjunction with new product lines.

[Source: Entrepreneur]


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