SpiritHoods: Headgear That’s Weird But Works

LA Weekly called it “the weirdest fashion startup ever.”

Founded by Alexander Mendeluk, Ashley Haber, Marley Marotta, and Chase Hamilton, SpiritHoods makes fuzzy animal hoods that are all the rage among hipsters and celebrities right now. The first SpiritHood was a Christmas gift that Mendeluk made for Hamilton, who says he always wanted to a be a wolf. In 2010, the four friends attended the Pool Tradeshow in Las Vegas where retailers first placed orders for the hoods.

Mendeluk says that while celebrities such as Ke$ha and Bruno Mars helped build awareness about SpirtHoods, he believes that their product speaks for itself. But that doesn’t mean he and his co-founders aren’t paying attention to their fans. Because half of the company’s online traffic comes from Facebook, the guys take time to communicate directly with their customers regularly.

Starting this fall, SpiritHoods will be introducing headgear with built-in washable speakers as well as a collegiate-licensed collection.


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