Artistic Entrepreneur Susan Breitbart Thinks Within the Box

Once a creative spirit, always a creative spirit. Susan Breitbart worked as a licensed interior designer before becoming a stay-at-home mom. When her first daughter became a bat mitzvah, she made an attractive shadowbox to display the event invitation at the sign-in table. Friends who attended took notice and asked Breitbart to create something similar for them. Soon, more requests came in, leading Breitbart to launch Boxes With Attitude.

According to Breitbart, designing custom shadowboxes and designing interiors aren’t very different from each other. “I view the invitation inside the box, just like I would design a room,” she says. Breitbart uses the theme of the invitation as the basis for the look and feel of the entire box. She hand-paints each frame and creates only one shadowbox per event to ensure its uniqueness.

Breitbart admits that as an artist, she struggles with the business side of running her own company. Nevertheless, she sees the importance of marketing and is currently trying out different ideas.


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