Joe Barton, Health Entrepreneur

Former accountant Joe Barton discovered that he was more passionate about something other than public accounting and taxes – health. Thus, in 2004, he founded Barton Publishing, an ebook publisher that helps people treat and cure their health problems like acid reflux, depression, and high blood pressure by using natural home remedies and without any drugs or surgery.

Based in South Dakota, Barton Publishing started out in a small basement office with no windows. Barton says his becoming a health business owner was a gradual process. He had to learn everything from scratch and study ebook publishing, website building, product development, and online selling. Success didn’t happen overnight, either; Barton already had a handful of ebooks and websites under his belt before he was able to quit his job and run his business full-time.

The wait has been worth it, though. “You will be far happier and more successful if you’re doing something you love, even if you make less money at first,” he says.


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