Spotlight on an Arkansas Entrepreneur: Hank Browne of Hank’s Fine Furniture

As the Founder and President of Arkansas-based Hanks Fine Furniture, Hank Browne has never lost sight of the principles that initially inspired him to launch the business in 1975. For the young entrepreneur embarking on his first major career endeavor, customer service stood apart as the key to building a successful enterprise, a simple notion that all too often gets swept aside in favor of generating increased profits as companies grow over time. Although the Hank’s Fine Furniture family of stores is now comprised of 16 locations in five states, Mr. Browne continues to focus on providing the public with an enjoyable shopping experience in every respect, an approach that makes a real difference in an era where personalized attention rarely comes free.

Prior to establishing Hank’s Fine Furniture, Hank Browne honed his professional skills traveling across the country selling Whirlpool appliances. Representing a legacy brand like Whirlpool, Mr. Browne knew what to look for in terms of quality appeal and eagerly shared this knowledge with his clients. With the subsequent formation of Hank’s Fine Furniture, he developed a business model firmly rooted in a commitment to customer satisfaction. Carefully culling a varied inventory of the best and most stylish furniture, bedding, and accessories available, Mr. Browne also trained his employees to view selling as an engaging exercise in respect and honesty. His strategy worked, and Hank’s Fine Furniture blossomed as a result.

The company’s philosophical mission statement is grounded in the belief that consumer loyalty and trust must be earned. Boasting the largest percentage of repeat customers in the furniture sales industry, Hank’s has amassed an impressive collection of awards and accolades over the decades including “Best of the Best” in the furniture store category of a recent Arkansas Democrat Gazette Norwest Edition Readers Poll. One of the Top 100 Independent Furniture Retailers in the United States, Hank’s Fine Furniture looks forward to bright future providing shoppers with well-made merchandise at affordable prices.


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