Zap Your Paper Forms With FormZapper

Founded in February 2012 by IT expert Andy Kallenbach, FormZapper is an online forms management startup based in Kansas City, Missouri. The service lets users create custom forms and share them with others; forms such as new employee applications, insurance forms, and medical paperwork.

Kallenbach got the idea for FormZapper in late 2010 while he was working on his IT support business, SaberCo. One of his clients was keeping several file cabinets filled with new employee paperwork in two large rooms. The company had an annual turnover rate of 1,600 employees, and Kallenbach saw how mailing, filing, and storing forms had become too big of a task, costing more than $50,000 each year. He noticed that while there were already existing solutions, none of them made financial sense for small businesses. Thus, he set out to create an affordable online form and workflow system for SMEs.

With FormZapper, users get to save time, space, and trees. Because everything is put online, printing, mailing, file cabinets, and paper are no longer needed. Forms can be tagged and labeled for fast and easy browsing as well as shared publicly or privately on websites or through email.

Aside from helping small and medium businesses, expecting his first child also motivated Kallenbach to start FormZapper. “The need to take care of my family has pushed me to not slack off and work hard instead. Having a family isn’t a reason to not have a startup,” he says. “If you have a good idea, along with the support of your family and the passion to take your idea somewhere, you should definitely do it.”

Kallenbach sees FormZapper, which works on the iPad, replacing clipboards in the future. “I am excited about tablet/mobile devices being used more by businesses to help them be more efficient and not tied to desks.”


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