Medikidz Makes Medical Information Easy to Understand for Kids


While working as pediatricians, Dr. Kim Chilman-Blair and Dr. Kate Hersov became frustrated at the lack of children’s educational resources that could explain diagnoses and medicines to their young patients. Realizing that most available materials only targeted parents, the two doctors decided to launch Medikidz, a company dedicated to providing medical information to kids through engaging comic books.

The series revolves around a group of five superheroes from outer space, the Medikidz, each of whom specializes in different parts of the body. Though the comics speak young people’s language, all content are written by professional medical writers and doctors. Additionally, the company is overseen by a medical advisory board composed of some of the world’s leading physicians and a youth advisory board consisting of kids and teens affected by illness.

Dr. Chilman-Blair and Dr. Hersov say that while going from medical doctors to entrepreneurs was a challenge, there is no reward without risk. Since its inception in September 2009, Medikidz has released more than 48 titles and distributed over a million comic books worldwide.


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