Strengthening the Jewish Community Through Education and Outreach

Carrying on a long familial tradition of religious scholarship, Rabbi Leib Tropper garnered a comprehensive understanding of the Torah through decades of study at some of the best-known Jewish learning institutions in the United States and Israel. Widely recognized as a leading expert on Halachic custom, Tropper spent nearly 20 years leading the educational outreach endeavor Horizons, an innovative program he established in hopes of providing a better understanding of Orthodox Judaism to those who desire a deeper connection to their faith and ancestry.

Currently involved with Israel-based initiative Character First, Rabbi Leib Tropper has spoken to notably diverse groups of talmid across the world through lectureship engagements at top American universities like Stanford and Yale. Traveling extensively to share his comprehensive knowledge base with all who seek a stronger spiritual foundation, he has introduced many secular Jews to the character-enhancing aspects of Halachic law as a speaker at the University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge, and various other academic centers in Paris, Berlin, and Manhattan.

Rabbi Tropper authored his first scholarly assessment of a complex Talmudic issue discussed in Tractate Bava Basra at only 15 years of age. Enrolled as a student at Yeshivas Torah Ore in Jerusalem at that time, Tropper began corresponding with a prominent group of Israeli rabbis who guided him as he continued his scholastic pursuits. Under the mentorship of Maran Harav Chaim Pinchus Scheinberg, Steipler Gaon, Rav Binyomin Zilber, Rav S. Dublitzky, and Harav Tuvia Goldstein, Rabbi Leib Tropper amassed the necessary intellectual tools to interpret a notoriously difficult portion of Tractate Kesubot by age 16. He published the first of many seforim by 21 and earned high praise from numerous gedolim who read his work. Receiving his ordinations over the course of a five-year span, Tropper is one of only three rabbis ordained by Maran Harav Elazar M Shach zt”l, a respected Head Rabbi at the Ponevezh Yeshiva in Israel.


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