Sam Mogannam Builds a Food Community in SF

Sam Mogannam began working at Bi-Rite Market when he was just six years old. His father and uncle owned the store then. Growing up, he and his brother Raph spent their after school hours and weekends stocking the shelves. In 1997, Sam took over the family business, keeping the original neon sign and classic art deco facade but bringing in a new perspective. Previously the chef and owner of a bistro in downtown San Francisco, Sam reinforced the concept of genuine service in Bi-Rite; he believed customers should be treated like guests in one’s own home, food should be prepared and served meticulously, and only the highest quality ingredients should be used. When Sam installed a full kitchen in the market, restaurant-quality food became available for takeout for the first time in the city. Since becoming owner, Sam has started other businesses under the Bi-Rite name, including Bi-Rite Creamery, Bi-Rite Catering, and Bi-Rite Farms. He also founded 18 Reasons, a non-profit community food space.


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