Pramod Dabir, Founder

Pramod Dabir studied electrical engineering at the University of Illinois and worked in the financial services industry post-graduation. These days, though, he’s involved in a very different line of work – heading his own fashion startup,, which was born out of his personal experience.

While living in Palo Alto, he moved in with his fiancee and five other women. “These women would run into each other’s rooms and ask each other, ‘How does this look?’ ‘Does it match?’” he says. Watching his female roommates share fashion advice gave him an idea – they should be financially rewarded for imparting their style know-how. Thus, he founded Boutine, an “incentivized social sharing platform for the fashion community.”

Still in beta, Boutine lets fashionistas create their own virtual boutique with products from emerging designers worldwide. Users earn a 10 percent commission for every item bought from their store. Boutine currently has more than 2,000 products from 80 designers.


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