Greyson MacLean, Kid Inventor

Thirteen-year-old Greyson MacLean loves building with Lego. In fact, he’s been playing with it since he was a tot. What he didn’t like were the included stickers. If he peeled them off, the blocks would become sticky, but if he left them on, he couldn’t customize his toys anymore. In 2009, he found a static-cling label on a pair of sunglasses. He tried it on his blocks and it worked perfectly – it was restickable and didn’t leave any residue. That was the beginning of BrickStix, MacLean’s reusable decals for Lego, Mega Blox, and other plastic bricks. His family founded the company in 2010 and launched the first product designs at Toy Fair the following year.

BrickStix are now available in nine themes, including Pets, Signs, and Metro. In early 2012, the company introduced Mod, a line of adhesive stickers for textured blocks. Like BrickStix, Mod can be removed and reused again and again sans residue. Last year, MacLean was named Young Inventor of the Year at the Toy and Game Inventor Awards.



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