Young ‘Trep Creates Ticketless Coat Checking System

When he was a student at Indiana University, Derek Pacque loved going to bars but hated bringing a coat during colder months. Not only were there no coat checks in the bars, he also risked losing his garment and getting it spilled on. One night, his coat did get stolen, and Pacque asked the manager why they didn’t have a coat check. When the manager told him that it was too much of a hassle, he offered to open one himself. Soon, he was running two coat checks in his college town, but encountered yet another problem – lost paper tickets. So, Pacque created CoatChex, a mobile, ticketless coat checking system. With CoatChex, customers enter their name and cellphone number, have their picture taken for identification, and pay with cash or credit on the spot instead of hanging on to paper tickets that could get misplaced. CoatChex has worked with the ESPN and Maxim Super Bowl XLVI events and is currently franchising the patent-pending technology.


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