David Koretz Fights Back Against Hackers

Serial entrepreneur David Koretz, who started his first company at age 14, founded web security company Mykonos Software in 2009 after his email service business got hacked. Despite not having much prior knowledge about computer security, Koretz has since led Mykonos to become the leader in deception-based cyber safety. Unlike most existing security technologies that focus on intrusion prevention, Mykonos is an intrusion detection software that sets traps to confuse hackers. In other words, it doesn’t merely keep the bad guys out – it fights back.

Koretz and his team has designed Mykonos to turn online attacks into expensive and time-consuming pursuits. Mykonos can plant “leads” that don’t go anywhere, slow down assailants’ Internet connections, and even taunt hackers by letting them know they’ve been caught and offering recommendations for nearby defense attorneys.

Koretz likens Mykonos’ approach to “putting all of your data at the top of Mt. Everest.” He says that while there will always be people who can climb Everest, he will keep building the biggest mountain he can.


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