Torrence Boone: A Veteran Presence in the Digital Marketing Arenas


A veteran executive in the Internet-based marketing and advertising areas, Torrence Boone serves as Google, Inc.‘s Managing Director of Agency Development. He heads an agency-relations team tasked with building and maintaining robust relations with major advertising firms. A key focus is on collaborating with constituents in formulating innovative campaign concepts that utilize Google’s distinct product portfolio.

Torrence Boone came to his current position with extensive industry experience. As Senior Manager with Bain & Company in Boston from 1995 to 1999, he led the firm’s consulting activities with clients in the consumer products, healthcare, and pharmaceuticals sectors. He assisted companies in business unit strategy, new product development, and in the creation of interactive marketing platforms.

Following two years with the New York digital media firm Avenue A (now Razorfish), Mr. Boone accepted an executive position with the digital marketing agency Digitas. He held various leadership positions during seven years with the Boston firm, ultimately assuming a role as President. In this capacity, he managed more than 1,000 employees in offering Internet-enabled e-commerce solutions to clients in diverse industries. Torrence Boone next took a position with the WPP advertising startup Enfatico, a company established to meet Dell, Inc.’s global marketing requirements.

In his present role with Google, Torrence Boone interacts closely with agencies in developing winning advertising strategies. One of the prominent programs his firm offers is AdSense, which has pioneered the concept of providing website owners with revenue streams through Google ad placement. He is also involved in developing immersive branding strategies that utilize next-generation products such as Chrome for iOS and Android, Nexus 7, Google Glass, Google+ Events, and Nexus Q.


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