Debbie Wiener, Founder of Slobproof! Furniture

Interior designer Debbie Wiener isn’t a slob but lives with a bunch of slobs – her husband, two teenage boys, a dog, and a bird. Instead of screaming at her family, the resourceful mom decided to create a slobproof home. Thus, she started Slobproof!, a furniture line designed to resist stains, moisture, mildew, odor, and bacteria. “I don’t want to spend all of my time keeping my home looking clean, stylish, and comfortable, I want my home working for me!” says Wiener.

Slobproof! furniture are covered with Crypton fabric, a nearly impenetrable material used by hotels and restaurants. The line includes chairs, sofas, sectionals, and ottomans. All Slobproof! seats are made in the USA using Sustainable Forestry Initiative approved wood, water-based glue, hypoallergenic feather and down, unbleached cotton ticking, and regenerated fiber. The company is based in Maryland and is a certified Women’s Business Enterprise. Aside from Slobproof!, Wiener runs her own interior design business as well.


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