The Sisters Behind NYC’s First Vegan Shoe Store

After becoming vegan, sisters and Queens natives Sara and Erica Kubersky had trouble finding leather-free shoes. Sara, who had wanted to start a vegan shoe store since high school, later came across a vegan shoe business in the UK and this discovery made her dream more tangible. In 2001, the sisters opened Moo Shoes, New York’s first completely leather-free shoe outlet, in a former butcher shop near Gramercy Park in Manhattan. Now located on the Lower East Side of the borough, Moo Shoes has since expanded to offer various other products such as bags, purses, jackets, and belts. The company also sells its broad range of vegan shoes and accessories online.

Over the years, Sara and Erica have listened to their customers, trying their best to provide them with what they’re looking for. This has allowed Moo Shoes to grow steadily year after year. The NYC store, which is open seven days a week, serves as a regular venue for animal-friendly events as well.


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