DMI Fulfillment: Personalized Order Fulfillment Services

Founded by veteran entrepreneur Bob Klunk, DMI Fulfillment is a startup that provides order fulfillment services with a personal touch to small and large businesses. An offshoot of the more established Distribution Management, Inc., DMI Fulfillment is backed by years of experience in the third-party logistics (3PL) industry.

“The bigger 3PLs work nationwide but have trouble servicing small to mid-sized companies,” says Klunk. “The smaller 3PLs worked well in localized areas, but I saw a need for scaling – could a larger corporation help smaller companies with national distribution?”

Klunk had the idea as early as 2001 and began working on turning it into reality in 2003. A life-threatening illness forced him to pause for five years, but he carried on after regaining his health. Klunk had already secured funding when he was introduced to the owners of DMI, and DMI Fulfillment launched eight months later and landed its first client soon after. “We were fully operational, providing services and invoicing a few weeks after that – just 10 months total from the first conversation.”

DMI Fulfillment

DMI Fulfillment now services all states, helping businesses manage inventory, fulfill orders, and more. With four distribution centers in Carlisle, Pennsylvania; Fresno, California; Dallas, Texas; and St. Louis, Missouri; DMI Fulfillment offers one- and two-day ground shipping to 98 percent of the US.

Klunk says launching a business takes plenty of hard work and time but isn’t as scary as it seems. “So many people are willing to lend their talent,” he says. “I had one prospect tell me that the reason she chose DMI for fulfillment was that it was a startup and she likes helping companies get started.”

At present, Klunk and his team are focused on ways to make it easier for clients to work with DMI Fulfillment. This includes developing simple interfaces to order, process, and track inventory.


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