Find a Tutor for Almost Anything With WyzAnt

Headquartered in Chicago, WyzAnt is an online tutoring marketplace where students can find qualified tutors in various disciplines including academic subjects, musical instruments, test preparation, foreign languages, and computers. The company was founded by Princeton grads Andrew Geant and Michael Weishuhn, who realized that their fellow students’ skills and talents were being underused. When the co-founders saw that there weren’t any services that matched tutors with students, they started WyzAnt in 2005 out of their apartment. While bootstrapping the company during its first few years, Geant and Weishuhn ate frozen food and lived frugally.

Originally a site for college students to find local tutoring jobs, WyzAnt eventually expanded to include teachers and professionals. Today, there are more than 60,000 tutors on the website, and the company has a full staff of marketing professionals, software developers, and customer service representatives. WyzAnt facilitates every lesson by providing assistance on communication, payment, security, and quality control.


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