Trudy Gilbert: Helping Australia’s Entrepreneurs Find Love

Trudy Gilbert 1When Trudy Gilbert’s friends mentioned that none of Australia’s dating sites catered specifically to single professionals and business owners, she saw an opportunity and took it. As director of an exclusive personal introduction agency, she knew she had the background and experience to create a more targeted dating site for entrepreneurs. The result is Ruby Radar, an exclusive website that focuses on quality and accuracy – members need a university degree or industry experience and their height, weight, and age verified.

Gilbert, who funded the company with her savings, pays great attention to detail and doesn’t waste her clients’ time. She gave Ruby Radar a minimal and stylish look, unlike other dating websites that are cluttered and tacky. Additionally, Ruby Radar does not allow members to browse other people’s profiles; instead, compatible matches are sent straight to their inbox. They can also play matchmaker for their friends, which is another unique feature of the site.

Gilbert says she is excited about creating a fun and vibrant brand that makes it easy for entrepreneurs find love.


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