David Jorgensen: A Silicon Valley Business Leader

The capacity to adapt when facing adversity stands apart as one of the most important qualities   a successful entrepreneur can possess. Over the course of the past three decades, David Jorgensen has proven his business savvy through a consistent ability to transform a less than ideal situation into a viable professional opportunity. Utilizing his extensive background in electrical engineering to launch and manage a number of technology start-ups, some more profitable than others, Mr. Jorgensen has gained a wealth of experience in Silicon Valley’s highly competitive technology market sector. Among the many entrepreneurial projects he has spearheaded since completing his M.B.A. at the University of Washington in 1964, the Katun Corporation boasts distinction as a prime example of the many rewards that come as a result of hard work, dedication, creativity, and adaptability.

With a resume bolstered by productive tenures at Boeing and the Stanford Research Institute (SRI), David Jorgensen collaborated with a longtime friend to found Computer Synectics, a company that produced customized computer monitors designed to measure and improve a machine’s overall performance. Although the enterprise proved somewhat profitable almost immediately, various factors led Mr. Jorgensen to bow out in the early 1970s and reassess his goals. He moved on to join Dataquest Inc., a market research firm focused specifically on high technology industries. David Jorgensen stepped in as C.E.O. of Dataquest in 1981. He is no longer affiliated with the firm which is now owned by Gartner, Inc.

Established in 1979 with a small amount of capital that David Jorgensen provided, the Katun Corporation benefited markedly from what was, at the time, an extremely high demand for aftermarket alternate OEM photocopier components. Heavily involved with the company’s growth from the beginning, David Jorgensen served as Katun’s Chairman of the Board for the two years leading up to its sale approximately a decade ago. Although Katun’s worth was initially forecasted at $10 million, the business held an impressive $350 million in sales when it changed hands in 2002. Today, Mr. Jorgensen devotes the bulk of his energy toward his charitable work. The President of the David & Annette Jorgensen Foundation, Mr. Jorgensen also sits on the National Philanthropy Board of the Pacific Legal Foundation and functions as Vice Chairman of FreeToChoos.net, an organization that employs state-of-the-art media applications to pioneer new horizons in the academic arena.


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