Adam Lieb: Building a Social Network for Gamers

Headquartered in Seattle, Washington, Duxter is the only social network for gamers. Duxter provides users an online home where they can communicate and play with other gaming enthusiasts while earning points and discounts on games and gear. Leading the startup is founder Adam Lieb, who first turned his passion for video games into profits at the age of 11. According to Lieb, he didn’t really set out to be an entrepreneur, but his love for video games led him to write reviews and guides and start a website. With an innate ability to recognize the needs of his fellow gamers, Lieb has since sold game guides, virtual goods, account leveling services, and custom Xbox consoles. “Anything that gamers needed, I found a way to give it to them,” he says.

Duxter is no different. Lieb founded the social network after having a hard time getting gamers to like one of his businesses’ Facebook page. Though customers loved his products and services, his Facebook likes were few and far between, so he started asking them about it. Lieb learned that some gamers didn’t want their moms or girlfriends to see how much time they were spending on video games. Others felt that Facebook wasn’t the right place for gaming. Realizing that there was a need for a social network just for gamers, Lieb created Duxter.

“It is important to talk to folks and keep an eye on trends and problems you see in the arena you are passionate about,” says Lieb. “I personally had no issue leveling up my characters in Diablo 2; what I found out is that there were thousands of people who did have this problem and were willing to pay me to solve it.”

Lieb is excited about his company’s growth in the new year. With 2012 spent on building the core platform and team, 2013 will be about developing more tools and getting more gamers to join the Duxter community.


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