Max Chautin: No to Warm Beer

When Max Chautin was a political science student at Johns Hopkins University, he went to keg parties, had fun, and spotted a business opportunity. Because ice to keep beer cold kept melting, he decided to create a keg cozy to eliminate the need for ice. As he was designing his insulating barrier, he realized that kegs could also be used for marketing by letting brands customize his product with their logos.

After months of testing, Chautin finalized his design – a wrap made from foam and neoprene that zips around a keg for a snug fit. Called KegSkins, the barrier keeps beer cold for over five hours without any ice. Corporate clients, which make up about 70 percent of sales, include Wrigley Field, Mom’s Food Concessionaires, and The Venetian in Las Vegas. JD Kollar, the hotel’s banquet beverage manger, says they used to put kegs in trash cans, fill them with ice, and wrap them in white linen – a task that took them four hours to accomplish.

Chautin is now in talks with beer companies about possible licensing agreements and is seeking $500,000 in venture capital.


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