Andrew Angus: Making Mistakes Early Helped My Business

Author, speaker, and entrepreneur Andrew Angus is the founder and CEO of Switch Video, a video animation company that makes simple explainer videos that explain what their clients do. Since its inception, Switch Video has produced 350 videos for startups and big companies in 15 countries. Clients include Microsoft, HP, IBM, 3M, Nokia, American Express, Wunderman, and Edelman. Angus, who is regarded as a thought leader in the online video industry, founded Switch Video after he had started a home heating company that was difficult to explain. Because no one could get him, Angus decided to make a video that would do all the explaining for him.

Since that “horrible” first video, Switch Video has helped numerous clients grow their business through animated videos that engage and educate visitors, increase conversion rates, and improve search engine rankings. Angus spends his time equally between San Francisco, Toronto, and Collingwood. As CEO of Switch Video, he oversees the company’s goals and core business. Starting Switch Video very early on in the industry has helped establish its reputation as a leading video animation company. Says Angus, “I needed to get in early so I could make my mistakes before we had much competition!”

Putting together a great team was also crucial to the company’s success – something that Angus learned when he used to work for a manufacturing company that only hired similar people with similar backgrounds. “The place was a mess because of it,” he says. “You can’t build a great team with identical people who share the same outlook.”

Angus also recommends “digging deep” into the metrics of one’s business and identifying which activities make money. “Do fewer of the things that don’t help your bottom line. This helps you maintain focus on the things that matter to the success of the business.”


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