Mykelti Williamson, Actor and Spice Peddler

Best known for playing Bubba Blue opposite Tom Hanks’ Forrest Gump in the 1994 film, Mykelti Williamson is an actor with a lifelong passion for cooking. He and his siblings learned to cook when they were young. Because their mom worked all day, she would talk them through making dinner over the phone. For years, Williamson has been cooking for friends, family, cast, and crew using his “Bubba Style” seasonings – spice and herb blends that he concocted himself.

Last year, Williamson launched to sell his mixes online. He also hawks his seasonings to fellow cast members on the FX Network’s “Justified” and Fox’s “Touched” during breaks. Though he has someone else to blend and bottle the products, Williamson is still very much involved in his growing business. He personally fills orders out of his home and samples everything. “If you receive a package of Bubba Style, you know that somewhere along the way I actually had my hands on it,” he says.


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