Philadelphia-Based Business Partners Keep College Students Stocked

Marissa Hu and Andy Forston are the co-founders of Co-Ed Supply, a subscription service that sends college students care packages. For $20 a month, students receive a “campus survival kit” filled with hand-selected snacks, toiletries, and fun stuff to keep them fed, clean, and entertained. Co-Ed Supply was launched last year, after Hu and Forston realized that there were plenty of untapped e-commerce opportunities in the college market. The pair remembered how great it was to get a package in college and also wanted to take advantage of their Philadelphia location, which is near several universities in the city and on the East Coast. In addition to making it easy for college students to stay stocked with essential items, Co-Ed Supply helps brands expand their reach in the college market.

Hu, who leads the startup as CEO, believes that entrepreneurs have to continue learning and growing. “Keep finding more things you’re excited about and learning as much as you can about them… You can’t let your knowledge become stale.”


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