Bombay Brow Bar: Putting an End to Unkempt and Over-Tweezed Brows

Sisters and best friends Amy Minhas and Ravy Minhas-Mehroke have always wanted to start a business together that made people feel good about themselves. Because of Ravy’s obsession with perfectly groomed eyebrows, they decided to start Bombay Brow Bar, an Indian-style eyebrow bar in Vancouver. The sisters are on a mission to “fight evil brow crimes and overly tweezed brows.” In 2010, they opened their first location in Yaletown. Today, Bombay Brow Bar has two more stores in Kitsilano and the Shangri’La Hotel.

Amy and Ravy stress the importance of finding a mentor when starting a business. Their mentor, Blo Blow Dry Bar co-founder Judy Brooks, helped them develop their business plan and turn their idea into a reality. Ravy, who serves as CEO, has plans to grow Bombay Brow Bar into an international company. She stays in touch with reality, though, saying, “Dream big, but start small. Take time to get to know your community.”


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